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The Dutch national ADR bike test voted WATT the best buy for 2021.

Like every year, had a series of e-bikes tested in spring by readers of the Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. The popularity of e-bikes continues to rise, so there are quite a few brands and models to choose from. WATT Mobility was one of the participating brands for the first time this year and immediately won prizes.

Best Buy

Within this huge range of e-bikes, the WATT BOSTON has been awarded Best Buy in the electric city bike category from € 1,500 to € 2,500. Something that we at WATT Mobility are of course very proud of.

As a final mark, the WATT BOSTON has been rated by the ADR readers with an 8.0. Only two tenths lower than the Best Tested bike in the same category. A great grade! A confirmation that we live up to what we stand for: affordable design e-bikes of high quality.

Do you want to know exactly what the testers thought of the WATT BOSTON? On you can view the comments, ratings and grades of all testers.


How does the test work?

Volunteers from all over the country can apply every year. Some participate out of curiosity and passion, others because they want to buy an e-bike themselves and compare the different models.

After each test ride, had the testers go through a series of questions and hand out ratings on various components. A civil-law notary checks the procedure and records the results in a deed based on the results. This is based solely on input from participants.

All participating bicycles are divided into six categories. In each category, 2 labels are awarded. The bike with the highest final score receives the label Best Tested and the bike with the best price / quality ratio earns the label Best Buy.

Are you curious about which brands and models we have left behind? Read the entire bicycle test in the AD or one of the regional newspapers.