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Aftersales via Motinova


As of season 2024, WATT is partnering with Motinova. They supply the entire e-bike system of display, controller, motor, battery, cables and sensors. The whole system is a closed system and can be easily read by Motinova's online software. The system automatically detects possible problems. Based on the product code, it is determined whether it is a warranty case or not. Parts can be ordered directly from the system through Twindis. Motinova has its own Aftersales Service Center in Nijmegen.



Aftersales tooling

To read out the e-bike system you need a support cable and the Motinova after-sales software. You get a tooling set from WATT with an order of three bikes.

To connect to the e-bike system, you disconnect the display. You can then connect the cable to the display, the e-bike system and your PC, on which you have downloaded the after-sales software.

You can order the tooling set online here.


Create a Motinova after-sales account