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Cooperation with Motinova and Twindis

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Cooperation with Motinova and Twindis

WATT models will be equipped with Motinova's complete e-bike system from 2024.

Motinova supplies the entire e-bike system of display, controller, motor, battery, cables and sensors. A closed proven and a very reliable e-bike system, with Motinova guaranteeing optimal after-sales service.


Guaranteed after-sales and parts availability

The e-bike system is a closed system and can be easily read by Motinova's online software. The system automatically detects possible problems. Based on the product code, it is determined whether it is a warranty case or not. Parts can be ordered directly from the system.



Motinova has its own European Aftersales Service Center in Nijmegen. In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg they work together with Twindis to handle service requests. Twindis is a renowned and experienced service supplier with more than 10,000 customers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with the aim of extending the lifespan of electronic devices as long as possible.



Motinova AfterSales System

Read more about the system and how to download it here.