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At WATT, we work with a selective dealer policy. We strive for close partnerships with a limited number of service points and retail outlets spread throughout Europe. Enthusiastic retailers who are committed to our bikes and fit our brand. We are dedicated to gaining national recognition and visiting local shops.

Retail sales

At WATT, the online price is the same as the shop retail price. We actively seek out customers via our site to come and take a test ride at your shop. When a sale has been made in your shop, you can make your own arrangements about the delivery and costs for making the e-bike roadworthy. Bikes can be ordered easily online.

Bikes will be delivered to your shop within 10 to 15 days and are then 90 percent complete. Only the handlebar, saddle and pedals need to be completed. You can also contact us for any accompanying accessories, but of course, you can also sell and assemble your own accessories yourself.

Maintenance and parts

WATT bikes are easy to maintain. No unnecessary bells and whistles. Many parts are universal and widely available. You can easily find and order specific parts online based on the model and/or type number (as stated on the invoice)


We deliver a two-year warranty on our bikes and electric components. The costs for repairing a bicycle are covered by the warranty within 1 year of delivery. To be able to do so we pay our retailers a service contribution. The contribution applies to warranty cases only and consists of a fixed amount per repair. You can easily submit a claim online. Click on "Warranty claim" in the navigation menu.