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John Boultbee Brooks founded Brooks in 1866 when his own horse died and he borrowed a bicycle from a neighbor. The bike was to replace his horse. The saddle on that bike was so uncomfortable that John Boultbee Brooks decided to design a new saddle himself. And that is how the first Brooks leather bicycle saddle came into existence.

Traditional craftsmanship since 1866

Brooks makes first-class bicycle saddles. A comfortable and high-quality saddle is not only essential for professionals, even those who are privately on the road, do well to provide his or her bike with a high-quality saddle. An uncomfortable saddle can completely ruin your driving pleasure. With a leather saddle from Brooks every ride becomes a true joyride! The sustainable saddles from Brooks are an ideal companion during long journeys and on uneven surfaces.

This English company with tradition has been producing high-quality and comfortable saddles since 1866. Or as they say: u201cIt is not the name of Brooks which makes the saddle good, but the saddle, and its excellence, that makes the name supremeu201d. (1912)

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